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Memoirs of the Original Rolling Stone
Andy Anderson & Erika Celeste

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Thank you for visiting our website page. I hope you will find it interesting and entertaining. There is a new CD of the "Old Stuff" with a new flair, and then there is the Anthology Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of new tunes previously unreleased.

There is a "Doodle Art" section of 32 drawings that I have compiled over the last twelve years. These were done while I talked on the telephone in my office. It takes approximately four months to draw and color one! They are available as Limited Edition Prints.

Then there is a photo section. Many of these photos have never been released and we plan to add new ones all the time. Band members are constantly adding their personal photos. In the near future we hope to offer a photo album complete with early pics of the Rolling Stones and the Dawnbreakers. Then and now.

There are many new things on the horizon! I'm completing a Metal & Wood Working Studio, which will give me an atmosphere to create some unusual art.

We are also working on a book of short stories telling about experiences on the road. Watch for it, it has some fantastic stories.

Thanks again for clicking on us, check us out and come back often. Thanks
Love Rock & Roll,
Andy Anderson "Johnny Valentine"

"Those who appreciate authentic rock and roll music with the distinctive Rockabilly sound born in the
American South in the 1950s will embrace the music of Andy Anderson. A contemporary of Elvis Presley, fellow Mississippian Anderson was an important part of the musical movement that thrust the world into an artistic
era that brought a fresh and exciting sound to our ears. His evolutionary mix of throbbing blues and
classic rock and roll made its mark and took its permanent place on the
list of the world's unique art forms.

Andy Anderson's earliest creations resulted in recorded hits. Since those first successes, he has
perfected and accelerated his songwriting. His unique talents are driven by an abiding and passionate
love of his music. This obsession is evident in the compositions he offers in the CDs currently available.
They are not only works of skill and talent, but are delivered by one of the most gifted voices in
the music industry. Listen to Anderson's execution of his songs and count the singers you have heard
with better interpretive voices. The list will be few.

Another indicator of Anderson's magnetic individuality is found in his 'Doodle Art', samples of
which are shown on this website. Even to those not drawn to art, his unconventional works exude
attention to detail, an intense understanding of color and a striving for perfection. The viewer is
instantly aware of the originality of this man's unique talents."

Otha Barham
Musician and music fan


Thanks to Otha Barham for his contributions both to this website and as a Rolling Stone.

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