Memoirs of the
Original Rolling Stone

Andy Anderson & Erika Celeste

About the Book

Long before the days of the popular British rock band, a group of boys from Mississippi started the original Rolling Stones. In those days the music they played was so new, it was difficult to find records of it or hear it on the radio. Each time they composed a tune they were creating a new sound, which would become known as rockabilly. These were the godfathers of rock & roll and this is their story.

About the Author

Andy Anderson is one of the godfathers of rock & roll. A contemporary of Elvis Presley, who played with the King on several occasions, Anderson has many top 40 hits to his credit. Erika Celeste is an Emmy award-winning writer and documentarian. She and Anderson met during the former High Notes radio show at Mississippi State University and the rest is history.

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